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Dr. Morepen Glucometer Combo, 25 Strips
- 45%

Dr. Morepen Glucometer Combo, 25 Strips


  • Fast result in 5 seconds
  • Small 0.5uL blood sample size
  • Large memory. 10 Lancets
  • Minimum Blood Sample: 0.5 microlitres; It features a large display screen that can store up to 300 test results
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Dr. Morepen glucose blood glucose monitor model bg 03 is a smart glucose monitor that helps you measure blood glucose levels, quickly, accurately, and comfortably. The readings from the glucose meter are only to be used for general information purposes – they are not a substitute for a medical examination from a registered medical practitioner discuss your results with a registered medical practitioner. Never use the results to make medical decisions independently. Seek prompt medical attention for health care questions you have. Consult your physician before making changes to your medication, diet, fitness program, or blood glucose testing schedules.


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