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AYUREVER Red Onion Oil ( 200 ml ) ,Onion Shampoo (300ml), Onion Conditioner (300 ml)
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AYUREVER Red Onion Oil ( 200 ml ) ,Onion Shampoo (300ml), Onion Conditioner (300 ml)


  • Ayurever Onion oil is also useful if you want to increase the length of your hair
  • Onion oil can be mixed with any carrier oil to increase its benefits, you can mix onion with olive or coconut oil to enjoy better benefits
  • Optimises the hair growth cycle: Onion oil is capable of activating certain enzymes on your scalp, which helps optimise the hair growth cycle. This results in faster hair growth and inhibiting hair fall for a healthier-looking mane
  • Improves hair texture: Regular use of onion oil can make your tresses shiny, smooth, moisturised and frizz-free
  • Onion oil has a deeply pungent smell and if you are too sensitive, add a few drops of any fragrant essential oil to mask it.

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AYUREVER Red Onion Oil ( 200 ml ) + Onion Shampoo (300ml) + Onion Conditioner (300 ml)



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Kalonji oil 0.5ml, Triphla 300mg, Bhringaraj 200mg, Gajar 160mg, Sagon 100mg, Karan 100mg, Ratanjot 100mg, Shikakai 100mg, Brahmi 100mg, Jatamansi 50mg, Neeli 50mg, Rosemari 50mg, Amarbail 50mg Neem 50mg, Seabuckthorn Oil 0.25ml etc


200 ml


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