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User Rating: Rate It! No Virus. No Spyware. No Bundle. Filepuma uses cookies to improve content and ensure you get the best experience on our website. By continuing to use this website, you agree to our privacy policy. Related Software XnView 2. Popular Software Glary Utilities 5. SnagIt 64bit Version: More than just simple screen capture, SnagIt empowers you to communicate faster, clearly explain concepts, and archive digital information.

You can easily capture, edit, share and organize a screenshot exactly as you wish on your screen. Snag anything, on the fly. Grab your entire desktop, a region, a window, or a scrolling window—all with a single hotkey or click. Create custom graphics easily by taking multiple captures and putting them together. Link has been copied to the clipboard!

Note: This program is advertising supported and may offer to install third party programs that are not required. These may include a toolbar, changing your homepage, default search engine or installing other party programs. Please watch the installation carefully to opt out.


Download SnagIt – FileHippo News.Snagit (Windows) Version History


Software » Screen capture » Snagit Help us keep the list up to autocad 2018 activation code free and submit new video software here. Try StreamFab All-in-One and download streaming video from streaming sites! Download free trial! Back to Snagit. Thanks to Justin Steven for reporting this issue. Users who share to TechSmith web services such as Screencast or Knowmia will be required to sign in again via an updated experience.

Having a Capture Info Effect selected in Snagit Capture will no longer create large capture delays, memory usage, and repeating options in Editor Fixed an issue where there could be black bars when recording video with Picture-in-Picture webcam Added an option to switch between and aspect ratio when recording video with Picture-in-Picture webcam Fixed an issue where there could be a white flash in selection area when starting to record a video with full screen webcam You are now able to нажмите для продолжения in to the Twitter sharing destination.

It uses your default browser to log in instead of an embedded browser window. Fixed an issue where Snagit could crash when signing in multiple times to the Google Drive sharing destination Resizing an image create with a Template will now properly resize the contents of the drop zones Fixed an issue where dragging the recording region could hide the recording controls Enabling or disabling audio devices on your system is again be reflected in Snagit without restarting the application Fixed an issue where sharing to multiple destinations from Snagit Capture could be broken in certain situations Improved the communication with licensing servers when using a proxy No longer hiding the hot key field when using a preset that can be toggled e.

Thanks to Tejas Pingulkar tp for reporting. Other bug fixes, crash fixes, memory leaks, and performance improvements 22 April, Snagit Formerly TechSmith Relay Fixed a crash that could occur during an update of Snagit Added the transparent color swatch to the Color Replacement effect When sharing to Slack, users should now only see open conversations Fixed a text truncation issue when sharing to Camtasia Other bug fixes and performance improvements 12 May, Snagit The Eraser tool will now remember the anti-alias setting Fixed an issue where the playhead would jump to an unexpected time after making multiple cuts it a video Fixed an issue where cutting out a section snagit 11 release notes free download the beginning of a video would result in incorrect first frames in the resulting video The Slack sharing destination now uses your default browser to authenticate the first time The reset button for Auto-Simplify is working again The correct Canvas Background color should now be shown in Editor Preferences Can now adjust the zoom level of thumbnails in the Library again The shadow surrounding the recording area now allows you to click on windows and controls behind it Fixed a crash that could occur when doing a scrolling capture with COM 7 January, Snagit These templates offer significant time snagit 11 release notes free download when creating documentation, tutorials, and job aids.

Create Video from Images Snagit 11 release notes free download screenshots into a video. This is another way you can create content right within Snagit to effectively communicate. Callouts with Arrow tails This new callout type allows you to point at exactly what you want to draw attention to in your image while still being нажмите сюда to add additional information with text.

Share to Slack and Box Snagit makes it even easier to share content at work. Now you can share Snagit content directly to Slack and Box. Additional Changes Changing properties with multiple text objects snagit 11 release notes free download works as expected Increased maximum font snagit 11 release notes free download Smoother can t chrome on when using the Crop tool Performance improvements Other bug fixes and localization updates 9 October, Snagit This change will require you to sign out and sign in snagit 11 release notes free download sharing to Screencast.

Numerous other bug fixes, localization snagit 11 release notes free download, and performance improvements 19 February, Snagit Fix for a crash when changing default settings for webcam. Fix for a crash on Windows 7 when the audio devices took a while to respond. Snagit Editor will now open automatically when a capture is taken and Editor is not running in the background. Toolbar icons and order should no longer reset after a restart.

Changes to the way the Properties and Effects panels are hidden. Facebook sharing to Pages is working again. Shadow Effect can now be aligned to the center of an object. No longer have to wait for webcam initialization when resizing the selection area. Numerous other bug and security fixes, localization updates, and performance improvements. You can now capture with the built-in tools and have them automatically open in Snagit Editor. All in-app messages now respect the banner setting in Preferences.

Stamps now searchable with German and French terms. Added some British and Australian search terms to the English version. Combine Images window now remembers settings. Captions are now wide enough on a combined image of varying sized images. Smart Move reset button now triggers a recalculation. Callout Text is now saved to file immediately after typing.

Checking for updates now more reliable when multiple versions of Snagit installed. Resolved spelling and capitalization errors in German and French onboarding. Resolved unnecessary warning when opening Snagit captures in Snagit Resolved Simplify alignment buttons not working in floating properties. Resolved canceling out of Smart Move processing dialog leaves Smart Move in a bad state.

Resolved blank tray thumbnails in German and French versions. Resolved issue where Auto Simplifying an image would never finish on bit systems.

Fixed a crash when selecting select region while editing preset. Resolved Snagit hanging at startup on Windows bit when no microphone devices are snagit 11 release notes free download. Resolved CPU ссылка на страницу when checking for updates. Resolved onboarding text issues. Resolved Presets not appearing in dropdown.

Resolved Fuse not connecting to Snagit on older operating systems. Resolved issue with Undo, Auto-Simplify on new captured image not toggling off. Resolved issue with Windows 7 bit not installing SnagThumbnailProvider. Resolved some dialog’s showing underscores in front of button text. Improved messaging when the Windows 10 camera and microphone privacy setting is disabled.

Improved visibility of which option is selected in the Selection Tool. Improved messaging when attempting to Simplify a Combined Image. Improved Combine text looks small when dealing with larger images. Automatically add step numbers, adjust colors, quickly add a title and captions, and apply an existing color theme to snagit 11 release notes free download on brand with your organization. Still enormously speeding up the process. Cutting a multi-hour project down to a few minutes.

Favorite Tool Favorite your most used Quick Styles across tools. Keep your favorite tool styles a single click away. No more unnecessary tool switching. Stamp Searching Use search terms to quickly find and select the right stamp you need among the vast number of stamps that come with Snagit.

Additional Changes A new single installer for all languages. Simply choose your language at install time or change later in Snagit Editor Preferences.

Preview your Snagit files in Windows Explorer. Icons and preview images are now visible when browsing your. Can now use Smart Move on floating images on the canvas, not just the background image. Improvements to the Autofill algorithm to work better with grids.

Improved stability around Snagit 11 release notes free download Move undo Fixed some issues related to using Snagit Editor with tablets and stylus pens. Resolved numerous other bugs and added other workflow improvements.

Previous links источник статьи continue to snagit 11 release notes free download. Fixed issue where some updates were not being recognized by Snagit updater. Updated registration of GIF codec to prevent repairs during Windows updates. Fixed issue where some machines would not go to sleep when Snagit was running.

Resolved last used tool not remembered after closing Snagit. Resolved unable to initiate subsequent captures from the taskbar menu. Improved stability for long webcam recordings and when starting a video with webcam. Resolved some webcams remaining on at all times when Snagit is running.

Improved messaging around accessing the microphone due to disabled Microphone Privacy Settings in Windows Improved Bluetooth devices not playing audio while Snagit is running. There may still be issues with certain Bluetooth devices that may still have issues while recording. Enabled Grab Text on cloud virtual machines e. Fixed issue that turned off in-app messages after updating Snagit.

Updated French offline help document. Other bug fixes, performance enhancements, and security improvements. Resolved memory leak on Windows 7. Added cursor view to Eraser tool to show area that will be erased. Added corner handle to snagit 11 release notes free download rectangle shape to allow for adjustable corners.

Resolved error when changing audio devices on Microsoft Windows 7. Resolved crash when resetting default styles under the Urban Theme. Resolved bug preventing users from selecting ‘Choose a destination folder’ in the Dropbox share dialog. Resolved bug preventing Snagit from working properly on systems running Microsoft Windows 7N. Resolved bug where disabling system audio also disabled microphone audio for video recording.

Resolved bug where users could not update the background color if a custom color was previously selected.


Snagit 11 release notes free download.SnagIt (64bit)


Version: More than just simple screen capture, SnagIt empowers you to communicate faster, clearly explain concepts, and archive digital information. You can easily capture, edit, share and organize a screenshot exactly as you wish on your screen. Snag anything, on the fly. Grab your entire desktop, a region, a window, or a scrolling window—all with a single hotkey or click. Create custom graphics easily by taking multiple captures and putting them together. Link has been copied to the clipboard!

Note: This program is advertising supported and may offer to install third party programs that are not required. These may include a toolbar, changing your homepage, default search engine or installing other party programs. Fixed an issue in Snagit Editor where tool switching created a new quick style. Added function to recognize your USB webcam when internal webcam is corrupted. Fixed menu in video tab of capture window to show default microphone device.

Fixed an issue where Snagit Editor was not writing to some hidden setting files. Fixed several Smart Move issues when using Undo and Redo. Fixed an issue where it was not possible to capture the cursor on Windows 7 bit. Snagit Editor no longer needs to be manually focused for Ctrl-C to work on first launch. Fixed floating text properties so now they show font name consistently. Fixed crash when canceling a video initialization.

Changes to German UI layout. Fixed Copy All so it works when Cutout effect is selected. Fixed photo quality auto-fill so it no longer ignores transparency. Fixed crash that could prevent the Snagit Editor from launching. Fixed crash that could occur when trying to sign into Snagit. Fixed issue that could cause Snagit to prevent Windows from shutting down. Fixed memory leak in the TechSmith updater. Keep your image content up to date when UIs and the underlying technology changes.

Communicate changes, suggestions, or give feedback by swiftly editing your captures. Text Replace Do more than just move text around in your capture and choose to edit it directly.

Grab Text Choose to capture text on your screen or find and copy text after capture from the whole image or select an area in the image to get specific text. Additional Changes Added In-app messages for onboarding keep a look out for banners in Snagit Editor for helpful tips.

Drag images and videos from the tray into your OS as a png or mp4. Recently used fonts in your OS show at the top of the list in Snagit Editor. Resolved several bugs and added other workflow improvements.

That setting will also be remembered between launches Fixed an issue that would result in an error when trying to record the screen on some Windows 7 machines Fixed an issue that would cause recording to stop after 10 minutes when controls were minimized Fixed an issue causing the login screen for Evernote to be blank Fixed a crash on startup that was related to tool themes Fixed an issue that would cause some settings to reset after rebooting Deleting the Snagit folder in My Documents will no longer prevent deleting auto-saved captures Can now update your translated files by re-importing a translated XLIFF file Fixed a crash for some users when exporting for translation Made the Snagit Updater more reliable Other bug fixes and performance improvements 28 February, Snagit NET needs to be updated Improved detection of app windows, including Microsoft Office products Fixed crash that occurred when files open in the Editor were deleted from the hard drive Fixed crash that resulted when importing and using Arabic fonts Fixed issue where outputs were not installing if Snagit was running Fixed instance where Editor wasn’t presenting after a capture Added graphic to OneClick toggle in Capture Preferences Improved process of manual Snagit key entry Various other bug fixes and performance improvements 23 August, Snagit Ability to capture fullscreen video at dimensions greater than p Supports image capture on 5K monitors Higher frame rates for video capture Easier video editing Adjust DPE of capture before capturing 25 August, Snagit v Introduced new method of capturing that no longer requires choosing image or video and allows you to modify your selected area before finalizing the capture.

Major refresh of Snagit Editor. Improved save workflow to give you an easier way to keep your original video captures. Added a dedicated way to create, edit, and manage your Snagit profiles. No longer contains text capture mode. Added in-product training content to make sure you better understand video trimming and profiles. Added a way to directly tag single captures.

We now require. NET 4 Full. Added TechSmith Fuse integration, share to Snagit from your mobile device. Added ability to update Snagit automatically.

Windows 8. Added ability to rotate stamps. Added text padding for Callouts. Added tail locking for Callouts. Added improvements to capture crosshairs. Various bug fixes. Fixed a bug that caused Snagit to revert back to a trial in certain situations.

Fixed a crash bug caused by some accessories displaying multiple notification messages. Fixed a bug where non-default accessories would be uninstalled during a Snagit upgrade. Redesigned the Snagit Message Center. Added support for two-factor authentication in the YouTube output. Added additional Japanese file name components for automatic file naming.

Re-added support for resizing multiple images through batch conversion. Improved the performance of scrolling captures in Microsoft Outlook emails. Fixed a bug where Snagit Editor would crash after uploading a video to YouTube.

Fixed a bug where Snagit could not back up and restore a library larger than 4 GB. Fixed a crash bug caused by grouping and ungrouping several vector objects on the canvas. Added Video COM support. Updated the look of Snagit Editor’s toolbars and added a File tab. Fixed a video recording bug that resulted in green ghosting when attempting to record the taskbar. Fixed a bug where Snagit activated a webcam on start up.

Fixed a bug where the second arrow added to a line does not match the first arrow. Fixed a crash bug when Snagit launches on Windows 7N. Fixed a crash bug during video recording with hardware acceleration turned on. Fixed a bug where some audio setups would cause a video recording to stop after a few seconds. Fixed a bug where starting a video capture over multiple monitors would turn Aero theme off.

Fixed resizing and renaming bugs with Convert Images. Added MP4 support for video output. Added spell checking to callouts and text capture. Added Camtasia Studio output, Screencast. Improved scrolling capture support for Google Chrome. Added more increments to the zoom slider in editor. Added support for working in natural units inches and centimeters for image sizing.

Restricted the use of GIF and color image files to only during opening and saving. Added an option to prevent automatically saving captures. Improved Snagit’s performance, particularly for images with transparency. Removed support for several file formats including. Removed the ability to capture full screen DOS windows. Removed the ability to capture icons from. Removed the “Create Web Page” feature. Removed the Web Capture mode.

Removed the ability to capture from DirectX applications. Removed various region capture options including capturing triangle region, a rounded rectangle region, an ellipse region, etc.

Fixed several problems where security software interfered with Snagit’s installation and functionality. Fixed a bug where upgrading to a new version of Snagit required restarting Internet Explorer. Fixed a bug where moving saved. Fixed a problem with image scrolling in Firefox when the image is zoomed. Fixed a Snagit printer bug that only printed blank pages.

Fixed a bug with custom drop shadows on text in Editor. Updated the Screencast. Mini Toolbar New in 9. Live Preview New in 9. Leaving the output directory blank in the save dialog will use the last-used directory. Previously, it would appear when SnagIt launched, which is a problem if SnagIt starts minimized. They are now larger. It now accepts negative values in the Drop Shadow Options dialog. REG file on startup. SSD file after saving a. BMP file. A single profile, group of profiles or all profiles may be imported or exported.

Open captures automatically using another application e. Adobe Photoshop. Torn edge now has a settings for a finer edge. Added a button to clear all history information in SnagIt. CUR files to the Stamp tool i. Paint Tools. Enhanced auto scroll to capture more application windows. More Web sites images can be automatically scanned and downloaded.

The shadow settings can be changed on the fly while drawing. The pasted image is now initially placed on the image. Foreground color is used when drawing with no frame. The annotation setting was not being shown. Removed automatic pasting of captures for non e-mail based documents in Outlook. The traditional view of SnagIt is available in “classic” view.

The functionality of the previous profile list view is encapsulated in the new profile list box. The details of the user interface changes are summarized below. The drawing tools include to following capabilities: o Pan – Navigate the image using the mouse for easy viewing. The mouse wheel will also zoom in and out. Selections may be rectangular, elliptical, polygon or freehand. Support for transparent and opaque paste modes. Control the line’s color, shape, width, opacity, antialiasing and drop shadow.

Also draw using Bezier curves. Same attributes as Line including setting the arrowhead style and size. Control the color, width, opacity and antialiasing. Text – Write text on the image.

Control text font, layout, drop shadow, antialiasing, color, border and fill color. SnagIt comes with many artistic stamps for you to use arrows, callout boxes, cursors, pointers, etc. Support alpha channel transparency, resizing, flipping and mirroring. Quickly download other additional stamps. Control the fill tolerance and opacity.

Control shape style. Control color, size, density, opacity and drop shadow. A single click immediately performs the capture. Deletes a vertical or horizontal band in the image and automatically joins the remaining parts. Undo and Redo support an unlimited number of operations.

Take captures and immediately insert them into a new e-mail message. Interactively select any of the outputs e. File, Printer, E-mail, etc. These tip windows will only appear for a few times to help the first time user. Items have been moved to the Tools and View menu. A new Mode and View menu has been added. Now open or save directly any file type including SnagIt Studio project files i.

Add drop shadows, torn edges, faded edges, and wave edges to your images. Effects may be applied during capture, after capture, or in a batch process.

This plug-in provides a quick way to access SnagIt options directly from Excel. It also allows SnagIt’s text capture to quickly insert tabular data in spreadsheet format. Text captions may be posited above, below, left or right of the image. Vertical and horizontal text alignment is fully configurable. Visual Studio. NET programs. This plug-in provides a quick way to access SnagIt options directly from FrameMaker. It also allows SnagIt to insert or reference screen capture images directly into a FrameMaker document.

This did not work with some SSD files. This provides a quick way to access SnagIt options directly from Word. It also allows SnagIt to insert or link screen capture images directly into a Word document.

This provides a quick way to access SnagIt options directly from PowerPoint. It also allows SnagIt to create new slides and insert or link screen capture images directly into a PowerPoint presentation. This allows other applications to access SnagIt’s capture functionality from any programming language that supports COM. The Enter and Escape keys work correctly now. A sample image file is copied to the folder. A new option will automatically use your web browser settings to configure your proxy settings.

The dialog is now fully Section compliant. SnagIt’s Printer Capture feature allows you to capture and manipulate the print output from any application as a digital image. All of SnagIt’s filters and output redirection are supported for Printer Capture.

Print to the paperless SnagIt virtual printer. Convert any document type to standard image file formats. Convert any print output into an electronic document to be shared via email or the web. Add powerful Print Preview and enhanced printer processing to any application. Use Printer Capture when you cannot use screen capture. Note: This feature is not available on Windows NT 4. Government “Section ” accessibility enhancements. SnagIt is now more accessible than ever for users with disabilities.

Easily create a complete thumbnail Web page for any number of images. No HTML editing or programming required. SnagIt creates Web pages in many customizable styles, even an animated SlideShow.

This features allows images selected in the Catalog Browser to be quickly set as the Windows desktop Wallpaper. This is an XP only feature that allows you to resize a window to be much larger than the screen, and then capture the entire window including the window frame. Precisely select a region with pixel level accuracy using the keyboard and magnifier window. Note: This problem was not completely solved in the previous version.

Capture all of the following images from Web pages on the Internet, jpg, gif, and png’s. Images are captured all at one time and stored on your computer. Also, There are many search and filtering options associated with this feature. Web Capture requires Internet Explorer version 4. Set input to DirectX to use this feature. Floating and dock able tool bars. Added a thumbnail video, and image preview window.

Preview images, and play videos from the thumbnail preview window. Changed SnagIt so the capture wizard dialog does not come up when using this option.


Snagit 11 release notes free download

Download our free update detector to keep your software up to date Share This Page Home > Photos & Images > Image Editors > SnagIt (64bit) Tweet. May 12,  · 25 May, Snagit Fixed an issue where upgrading from a previous Snagit release would overwrite many user preferences. Fixed a security issue where some registry keys created by Snagit could be manipulated by an unprivileged user. Thanks to . Apr 02,  · Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for Snagit. 22 June, Snagit Fixed a crash that could occur for some users when trying to manually install a newer version of Snagit while Snagit currently is running. Fixed a crash that could occur with certain enterprise deployment settings turned off. SnagIt 7, Downloads. SnagIt 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. File Size: MB. Date Released: Add info. Works on: Windows 7 / Windows 7 x64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 x64 / Windows Vista / Windows Vista x64 / Windows XP / Windows XP x Doesn’t Work on: Add GB.


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