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All WordPress. More Categories. Filters Filters. Refine by. Sort by Relevant Popular New. By CollectiveOffset in Graphics. By danjazzia in Graphics. By themefire in Graphics. Floristics Vector Pack. By BlessedPrint in Graphics. Wood Texture Vector. By yandidesigns in Graphics. Cactus – Hand Drawn Vector. By Shemul in Graphics. Camping – Vector Illustration. By Alterzone in Graphics. Unicorn Pop Vector. By figuree in Graphics. Mandala Vector Illustration. By kotakkuningstudio in Graphics.

Vector Illustration V By telllu in Graphics. Journalist Vector Illustration. By codetoform in Graphics. By twicolabs in Graphics. Ice Cream Doodle Vector. By yipianesia in Graphics. Floral Vector Line Art. By Temaphoto in Graphics. Wedding Vector Calligraphy.

By timonko in Graphics. Weight Lifting Vector Illustration. And it only gets better and better with new functionality at a remarkable pace.

Quite a few bugs, though, with the app evolving all the time, but most get squized timely with the frequent updates. Teksestro Oct 10 Incredible value for money.

Ervins Strauhmanis Oct 7 Affinity Designer is truly an amazing achievement on several interconnected levels. Visually, Affinity Designer with its black, smooth viscous—like user interface and beautifully crafted icons—is a delight to look at.

Technically, Affinity Designer is a friendly guide, leading you to begin experience its deep potential, partly covered by just the right amount of dark silk, swiftly and intuitively. The same swiftness is felt working with large documents. Technical excellence both inner and outer! Conceptually, Affinity Designer is a majestic vision of a remarkable team of individuals who love what they do so much—they radiate it by allowing as much people as possible to use a highest quality professional application.

For what this app gives, its developers ask little in return. All this applies to the Affinity Photo as well, and I’m sure will hold true for the upcoming Affinity Publisher, I eagerly await. Great app for the price. Fulfils most of my needs but still need to use Illustrator for some things, mainly saving to pdf. Lightning May 25 I really like this app but the one thing missing is Libraries. That would make it perfect for my use.

Nick-Collingridge May 16 Great except for not being able to import DXF files, and also no support for patterns within objects. I need both of these functions and they are show-stoppers for me – without them I am stuck with Illustrator. I love it. M31 Feb 11 I’m so glad I stumbled upon AD. The is an incredible app for the price. I use to use Sketch, but this app does so much more, and is half the price! StevensPeter Dec 14 Affinity products are awesome and you get a lot for your money.

Highly recommended!! I use it to make icons and I think it’s pretty simple to do this. Sometimes it takes a time to copy things.

Despite this, I like Affinity. Shallowp Aug 8 Plain simple and good enough for me. Affinity Designer is way more powerful and therefore complex to use. Making it a no go for me. If you need power and flexibility you need Affinity Designer. Derekcurrie Jul 16 Widber Jul 9 Affinity Designer v. Together with commercial release of Affinity Photo. Mr-Zark Jun 19 Steinarh Jun 13 Excellent application for amateurs as well as pros! Psaldari May 5 I waited and dreamed for years an application like this.

Carmelopap Apr 4 This application is the best Mac drawing app since FreeHand. Thanks to Affinity Designer I could rescue all my old freehand files. Quiiick Apr 3 Impressive update! An already very capable app is getting even better. The new “dashed lines”, “type on path” and especially the new “corner tool” are superb features. Feels like a hybrid between Photoshop and Illustrator, with a couple of novelties thrown in, such as the insane freedom of being able to zoom in, what was it, a million percent?

Allowing you to customize the layout however you like. World maps can be seen on many different websites and graphic designs. Maps allow businesses and brands to showcase various features on a large scale.

But have you ever seen a map done in polygonal design? This unique world map template will allow you to add a unique look to your own designs. A proper invoice template is a must-have for every business and freelancer. This is a simple, clean, and minimalist invoice template you can use for all kinds of businesses. And you can easily edit and customize it using Affinity Designer.

It features a creative design and allows you to easily customize the template using Affinity Designer or Adobe Illustrator.

A set of Christmas-themed line icons you can use for free with your holiday-themed designs. This is a free brush pack for Affinity Designer made by a professional artist. The brushes are designed for comic artists. Especially for drawing characters and cartoons. The free pack includes 8 brushes and 4 layout tools.

Craft the perfect company profile to showcase your business using this minimal and modern brochure template. The template features 32 page layouts in A4 and US Letter size. This creative poster template is ideal for promoting yoga, therapy, or health and wellness programs.

The template is fully customizable and you can easily change its colors and fonts using Affinity Designer or Adobe Illustrator. The template comes in Affinity Designer and Illustrator file formats. A vector drawing app that takes on Illustrator at a fraction of the price.

Affinity Designer for Mac 1. Inkscape Portable 1. FontExplorer X Pro 3. An advanced font management tool to help you work with your library effectively. Birdfont for Mac 4. Birdfont 4. FreeCAD 0.



Affinity Designer Review | Top Ten Reviews.Affinity designer review vector free download


Since its first introduction over six years ago, Affinity has evolved greatly and turned into one of the best apps for digital art. And though Affinity has already confirmed its status of revolutionary design software, artists still search of quality and appealing textures and brushes. All of them are accompanied by cute llamas that you can recreate using a sponge, pastel, marker, or noise brush. With this set, you can use just one brush to create a range of stroke lengths without having to switch brushes.

This will make drawing quicker and much more like the real thing. Cute doodles and sketches with a fine liner can be transferred from the pages of your notebook to the artboard in Affinity! There are 72 brushes, imitating ink, dots, lines, waves, dashes, hatches, asterisks, dots, squares, zigzags, and more. Get rich gouache effects in Affinity Designer in a few minutes with 50 shader brushes by RetroSupply Co. The brushes are perfect for flexible illustrator work for posters, books, and other artworks to scale.

The collection delivers 50 high-resolution brushes as well as 10 bug templates, including beetles, butterflies, bees, flies, and more. Each one is in well-organized layers so you can isolate any part of the bug and add textures.

Add a pinch of personality to the illustrations with 24 handmade stipple, splatter, and hatch Affinity Designer brushes. These brushes will be perfect for bringing a grunge or retro touch and making an artwork so voluminous.

Jeremy Child from The Artifex Forge has created a pack of realistic vector brushes for your Illustrator and Affinity Designer artworks. Be sure to look at the brush previews to see how many different free brushes the selection features. Teamwork is something we are really good at! So sometimes we join our forces and experience to deliver even more useful, impressive content. Hope you enjoy it as much as our personal elaborations.

Your email address will not be published. We got tons of fascinating articles, videos and freebies for you every week! Home Toolbox. October 5, Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Affinity Paper Textures by Veila. Pencilcraft Brushes by Yogurt Hand Drawn Affinity Designer Brushes. Download Now. Perfect Pencils — Affinity Brushes Pack. Pigmento Daub Brushes. Artista Affinity Designer Brushes.

Pencil, dry brush, spray, pen, and all their variations have found the place right here to rescue the next artwork of yours. Spray Paint Brushes for Affinity Designer. Lighthouse Liner Affinity Brushes.

Grave Etcher for Affinity Designer. Fine Liner — Affinity Designer Brushes. Gouache Shader Brushes Affinity Designer. Master Watercolor Affinity Brushes. Vector Brushes Toolbox for Affinity Designer. Shader Brushes for Affinity.

This collection of 35 brushes and 12 textures will make your work sparkle! The exuberance of brush textures astounds with the different drawing techniques you can implement in the process: scatter, noise, hatch, pressure, shadow. The Ink Well Affinity Brushes. Neon Affinity Brushes. Bug Lab Affinity Texture Brushes. The Affinity Designer Airbrush.

Affinity Designer Texture Brushes. Outstanding Oil Paint Affinity Brushes. The Master Engraver — Affinity Brushes. Free Banner Vector Brushes. Horrific Halftones for Affinity Designer. The Designest Staff Teamwork is something we are really good at! Related Posts. July 5, Recreate aesthetic deformation, using top-notch glitchy text fonts, imitating crooked lettering. June 28, Coffee cup mockups can charge with energy as good as caffeine does!

June 21, Rough or raw, they always add a brutal touch to the designs you are to carry out. June 14, Attract customers and create powerful presentations with hand-picked logo mockups. June 7, May 31, How to add retro vibes to your graphic work? Halftone brushes are definitely the best option! Next Post. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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